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Food Industry Partnership
(formerly FoodPAC)

We are delighted to report the establishment of the Food Industry Partnership, a stand-alone entity created to facilitate a public-private partnership to improve the competitive position of food processing in Georgia. We are grateful to the state budget offices and legislators for their assistance and to the Governor for approving the new appropriation in the FY10 budget.

The Food Industry Partnership sent out a Call For Proposals asking interested parties to submit a proposal that (1) is relevant to current industry priorities, (2) has at least one industry partner, and (3) follows specific guidelines.

Since FoodPAC no longer exists, the Food Industry Partnership allowed any pending and viable FoodPAC projects to be presented and considered as continuation proposals.

Priority was given to: (a) Food Safety; (b) Process Improvement; (c) Product Development; and (d) Environmental Management.

(Check back for further information on FY 2011 proposal information.)

The Partnership has selected Gary McMurray at Georgia Tech and Bob Shulstad at the University of Georgia as the University Coordinators. Their responsibility will be to review proposals and submit those that meet criteria to the Evaluation Committee.

It is encouraging that the first appropriation for the new Food Industry Partnership exceeds the FoodPac appropriation for FY09 and previous years. This offers a unique opportunity and challenge for all of us to obtain and demonstrate meaningful results.

For further information, contact:
– Georgia Tech projects to
– University of Georgia projects to
– Joint UGA-Tech projects to both of the above
– Projects from other colleges in the University System to both of the above


Food Industry Partnership Leadership

Gary Black
Georgia Agribusiness Council


Mike Giles
Georgia Poultry Federation
(770) 532-0473


Charles Hall
Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association


John Powell
American Peanut Shellers Association


University Coordinators:

Gary McMurray
Georgia Tech


Bob Shulstad
University of Georgia







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